To book a canoe trip on the Dordogne River

How to do canoe on the Dordogne?

Here is a short video to explain how to do canoe on the Dordogne.

After this short video on how to do canoe on the Dordogne,

don't forget to equip yourself with a life jacket and closed water shoes, before getting into your canoe.

For those who wish, we can give you double paddles for the back, which avoids doing the technique shown in the video. If you want to go right, you paddle left and if you want to go left, you paddle right.

Now it's up to you! On your paddles!

Safety instructions :

After having seen how to do canoe on the Dordogne, we give you some instructions to respect in order to enjoy your canoeing day.

1 - Stay in the middle of the river
Risk of capsizing with the tree branches over the river.

2 - Stop inside the curves.
The current is less powerful there.

3 - Don't engage in the secondary branches of the river.
Stay in the middle of the main branch.

4 - Bridges : pass between two pillars.
Risk of swirls behind the pillars.

5 - The "Gabares" (Tour boat) :
Stay 5 metres away at least (waves)

Put on your lifejacket

The whole Canoë Détente team wishes you a pleasant trip and thanks you for choosing our Canoe rental on the Dordogne!

Comment faire du canoë sur Dordogne
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