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How to run your Canoe?

His explanations are valid for a canoe where the rear crew member paddles on the right and the front crew member on the left.

Before getting into your canoe, it is very important to have your lifejacket and closed water shoes on.

First of all, the person who steers the canoe is at the stern, he or she appoints the "captain" of the canoe.
The essential basics Holding the paddle well For someone paddling on the right: the left hand holds the top of the paddle above the pommel and not on the shaft below the pommel; the right hand holds the shaft slightly above the paddle, about 20-30cm.

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Each team member paddles on one side and does not change sides. It is the back paddler who steers. It is better if it is the stronger of the two at the back. This person will find it easier to maintain a straight course.
The paddle is used as a "rudder" to straighten the canoe's path when needed. To do this, after executing figures 1 and 2 (normal paddle stroke), the paddle (parallel to the canoe) is moved away from the hull to the right (figures 3 and 4). This movement is accentuated if you need to turn more sharply to the right. The bowman simply propels the canoe (Figures 1 and 2 only), at the bow it's a bit of a holiday!

For those who wish, we can give you double paddles for the back, which avoids the previous technique. If you want to go right, you paddle left and if you want to go left, you paddle right.

Now it's up to you! Now it's your turn to paddle!

Safety instructions :

1 - Stay in the middle of the river
Risk of capsizing with the tree branches over the river.

2 - Stop inside the curves.
The current is less powerful there.

3 - Don't engage in the secondary branches of the river.
Stay in the middle of the main branch.

4 - Bridges : pass between two pillars.
Risk of swirls behind the pillars.

5 - The "Gabares" (Tour boat) :
Stay 5 metres away at least (waves)

Put on your lifejacket

The whole Canoë Détente team wishes you a pleasant trip and thanks you for choosing our Canoe rental on the Dordogne!

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